Plumber & Builder in Bradley Stoke Bristol
Plumber & Builder in Bradley Stoke Bristol
Emergency plumber CALL 0777 438 4221 FOR 24 HR EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE

Emergencies - what to do?

Flood, water leak, plumber Water leaking through your ceiling...what to do to minimise damage.

Water is coming from somewhere and is causing damage:

  1. Turn the water off at the stop-cock (usually under the kitchen sink.)
  2. Run all the hot & cold taps to empty whatever water is in the pipework.
  3. Try to find the source of the leak - if possible, isolate by closing isolation or service valves.
  4. Call 0777-438-4221 for EMERGENCY CALL OUT SERVICE.
Leaks, radiator, plumbing, central heating This small leak is a warning of things to come.

Deal with radiator leaks before they become a bigger problem:

  1. Shut the valve by closing the thermostat on the top of the valve to '0' or the frost setting.
  2. If you don't have a thermostatic valve (or TRV as they are known), take the white cap off the valve and close it with a set of pliers.
  3. Shut the lockshield valve - this is the valve at the opposite end to the TRV.
  4. Deal with any spillages.
  5. Tighten the nuts (gently) on the valves to attempt a temporary repair.
  6. Call 0777-438-4221 FOR EMERGENCY CALL OUT.

I can replace valves quickly and without mess. Depending on the type of system, valves can be removed, inspected and replaced without having to drain your system, saving you time & money.

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