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The Working Triangle - making your kitchen work for you!




The Working Triangle



The kitchen work triangle is a model that was developed in the 1940s to address the efficiency of the kitchen space between the major work centers: Cooking, Preparation (sink/dishwasher) and Food Storage (refrigerator).

It was designed to maximize the efficiency of a one-cook kitchen that stemmed from Taylorist principles that had to do with time-motion studies from around the turn of the century.

The University of Illinois School of Architecture developed the work triangle to emphasize cost reduction by standardising construction. This resulted in a variety of configurations.


See the diagram below - you may ask why on earth I include this in the website..


Changing your kitchen is a big decision - we understand that you will want to get maximum benefit in the long run with minimum disruption in the short term.

We can support you with the experience we have:

  • What type of appliances, where to place them.
  • Taps - is your water pressure sufficient for the style you've seen?
  • Sinks - underslung or belfast?
  • Work tops - 38mm or less? Granite? Solid wood? How to treat these natural prodcuts?
  • Breakfast bars - use of space, allowing for stools and the sheer growth of the family over the next ten years!
  • Fridges - under-counter limited space but very attractive) or free standing feature fridges such as the popular model here: Samsung American Style Fridge Freezer
  • Lighting schemes - energy consumption AND beauty.
  • Flooring - Wood? Ceramic? Stome? Lino?
  • Plastering - will you need your walls repairing wen the tiles come off? (Probably, but we can take care of that with our qualified plasterers)
  • Tiles, splashbacks? Toughened glass?

Your kitchen re-fit is a major investment in time and money - the kitchen is the hub of the family and we want you to enjoy sittingin the room you have every confidence in from design, practicality and the high quality finish.




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