Plumber & Builder in Bradley Stoke Bristol
Plumber & Builder in Bradley Stoke Bristol


Get your home ready for winter!

The big freeze will undoubtedly catch up with us all in the New Year, and prevention in the home is 100% better than cure.

Leaks and floods from burst pipes are most common in winter due to freezing; the colder weather we’ve experienced in the last few years demonstrating the cost of dealing with the aftermath of a burst pipe in our homes.

Essentially burst water pipes occur in winter when the water inside a pipe freezes virtually anywhere in the home. Ice expands putting pressure on the pipe, which eventually cracks, and when it bursts, thawed water will come pouring from the break. Frozen pipes can be a real disaster for your property...

Richard Joseph is offering a winter health check for your home FREE of charge.

We’ll check your pipe work, locate stopcocks for emergency access, and supply you with recommendations for protection against leaks & bursts.

All we ask is you text a donation to St Peter’s Hospice by texting: RJBB71£ (your donation) to the number 70070

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