Plumber & Builder in Bradley Stoke Bristol
Plumber & Builder in Bradley Stoke Bristol

Common plumbing problems

Smell coming from the basin or sink?

The 'trap' underneath the basin or sink relies on the water seal as in the diagram to the left.

Hair and other debris (but usually hair) can cause the seal to fail via capillary action.


This is easily rectified - we are happy to inspect all traps in your property whilst completing any job, ensuring your traps remain clear, the waste water runs quickly and you don't have any nasty smells to deal with.

Taps stiff or leaking?

Have your taps started to leak or become harder to turn on and off?

All taps are a form of valve.

These valves have water running through them all their working lives, so they are prone to clogging up with scale and grime.

Most of the UK has temporary hard water which is the cause of this problem.


We can inspect your taps, and recommend the most economical course of action:

  1. Strip and service the tap, replacing washers and applying silicone grease.
  2. Remove & replace with new taps.

Either job is relatively simple and does not take long.

Nor do we have to drain tanks and take up hours and hours of your time.


Stiff taps? call us on 0777-438-4221 for a visit.

 Plumbing problems we respond to...

  1. No hot water
  2. Leaks & floods
  3. No heat to some or all radiators
  4. Running toilet cisterns
  5. Toilet will not flush
  6. Toilet fills very slowly
  7. Taps too stiff to turn
  8. Noise coming from central heating
  9. Toilet blocked
  10. Drain blocked
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